peko peko
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2014-12-04 13:22:51 (UTC)

I'm going to be 'anti social' at univ

I really hate ppl who like faking their attitude in front of everybody else as if they're a god or goddess or whatever!!!

I'm tired of this kinda bullshit life!!

Long time a go I've tried to maintain myself becoming open-minded and positve thinking with everyone. But, what I got now??!! Theyre all are fake friends! Yeah, fake friends!

I always help them to get good scores at exam, but now!!!!??? They even didn't help me during dokkai exam. hahaha

Okay, it's enough to be stupid girl. Wake up! Wake up! Now, I will do revenge to all of you! I swear I'm the one who can continue taking the next step of this grade. I will never ever help you anymore, unless I do want to.

What I want now is to graduate from school, get a job, and go to japan. that's all!


Thank God, you still gives me my best friends in my side

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