A lady in the crowd
2014-12-03 04:41:58 (UTC)

Upward Bound

I was checking all of my voicemails, when I realized that I got the call that I had been praying to receive.

"I have analyzed all of Anne's application for the Upward Bound program. Her chances of acceptance are good. She is recommended by Mr. Cabrera, whom has worked for Upward Bound for over thirty years. Please contact return my call, because I would want to schedule an interview with Anne's guardians." I screamed in joy feeling triumph and delight.

The interview occurred this afternoon, after my weekly Drama Club meeting. The interviewer said the chances of acceptance are high. Let's hope I have luck on my side. The director shall make the final decision here. I hope to receive an acceptance letter. Being part of this program will open windows of opportunity.

If I follow procedures I will be living in The University Of San Diego campus during next Summer. Experiencing University life, living in dorms, and taking college leveled courses. I have faith that I'll receive their acceptance letter soon. Please wish me good luck my precious readers. Lets cross our fingers and hope to receive a pot of gold!

~Yours truly,