Davids Diary
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2014-12-03 04:09:59 (UTC)

Talking to a gril

Will for over a week now Iv been talking to a girl online over email that lives in Denver area. She says her name is Chloe and she is 35 I seen pictures of her and she looks lovely. She says she wants to get into the bdsm lifestyle yet we have not meet yet. I mean we have not had are first face to face meeting and every time I try to set it up its ether to late or she got other plans. I have tried to set up a face to face in a public place 5 times now and I am of the opinion that a face to face will likely not happen. She may say she want to be in this lifestyle but her putting off the first face to face meeting is very very telling. I keep talking to her over emails and if we meet so be it but I for one am doubting every day that we will meet.