A lady in the crowd
2014-12-02 06:21:38 (UTC)

Once He Was.

Once He Was.

Once upon a dreary night
On the beginning of December
Stood a murderer who lived in Detroit
Michigan's winter's stood no chance
When compared to his cold heart

Once he had a heart
Once he felt love, warmth,
"Let love be damned! emotions cause such pathetic behavior.
I loved her.
Then she broke my heart and crushed my soul!"
He yelled while stabbing his victims

He hates to love, yet loves to hate.
What was before,
What's stands today,
Waiting by closely near
Patiently still he waits
Time ticks and tocks in the slowest motion
As his newest victim emerges

A butcher knife slices her throat with a single swoosh
A gruesome petrifying scream of a walking bystander
"Hello there."
The murder tells the young girl

Raping the young child
spitting on her face saying
"I'd kill you, but I want you to suffer. Therefore you'll wish to dead instead of living."

"You wanted me"

"You asked for it child."

"You tempted me."

Once he loved
Once he cared
Once he was a preacher in the Christian church

Once he changed things weren't ever the same.
Look'y here everything's changed!
~Yours truly,