A lady in the crowd
2014-12-01 01:15:21 (UTC)

Life Is A Game

When we were young, we had those moments of such happiness. You think you're living someplace magical like Atlantis must have been. Then as we grow older our heart breaks into two.

Looking above at the polluted sky yearning, just wishing that we could go back to the days when everything was simple. But was anything really simple? Or were we always surrounded by catastrophes. The World could've been falling apart before our eyes, but our innocence would blind us. We played on our Dream Catchers and Gameboys, and got sucked into a fiction animated World.

It's funny how children claim they want to grow up. The teenagers mourn to grow into an adult. The adult heart breaks when they realized that High School really was the best and easiest four years of their life's. In conclusion the adult mourns the ages of youth once more. As the elderly wishes to be a child again. When we grow up we want to be younger again.
I was eleven when I began writing poetry. One of my first poems is on in which I still strongly believe in today.

Life Is A Game.

Life! Life is nothing but a game.
A game in which we all lose
See in the end we all die
Ironic isn't it?
How the old saying is true
"It's not whether you win, or lose but how you play the game."

Years from know I will know
I played a good game.
I took everything life had to offe
I challenged myself each and everyday
Their will be no regret
I will never say sorry
I will say no
to end the game with regrets and sorrows
Is much worse than losing
but to lose in disgrace

I know I will die a happy woman
For I take every chance
Risk it all and accept every challenge.

~Yours truly,