A lady in the crowd
2014-11-29 16:50:19 (UTC)

Remembering Those Nights.

I've always believed the darkness isn't something that should be feared. What's feared is the unknown noise rustling in the shadows; it's the psychopath with diabolical crazed thoughts.

A serial killer could've murder me and my death would've been tragic. Yes I could've been kidnapped, molested by a drunk, ran over by a fast driver, or who knows their are many bad things that could've happened. I knew the possibilities and the dangers. Yet I still snuck out of my house during late hours of the night. I took my Rottweiler by my side, pepper spray, and carried a sharpened pocket knife. I whispered a prayer where I prayed to come back home safely, and without getting caught as well.

Sometimes it would be their first time sneaking out of their home.
Sarahi Cardenas and I would linger around the streets. We walked
throughout the closed stores of down town near Mexico's border. We went to Jack In The Box, and ordered Frappuccino's. We had High School the next day so we bought Monster, Coffee, and Kick Start energy drinks to stay awake throughout the day.

Jabin Sanchez and I would lay down in a public city park of Victoria Villas. He always carried a book with him; he entertained me by reading to me. He read the pages from each page like it was his own heart put together into words. Jabin and I talked about our daily burdens. He told me of his on and off girlfriend, about the process of applying to college, and his problems with his drug-addict brother. It felt good to listen to one others issues. To lean on a good company and be each others therapist.

Why did I have a habit of sneaking off? I needed time away from responsibilities, complications, paper work, plans, basically
everything. I needed time to act like a teenager of my own age. Time to get away from behaving like an adult. I got tired of everyone wanting to tell me what to do, and what was good for me. They didn't want me to find my own answers they wanted me to believe theirs.

Above all, I think it's the thriller that came with doing what's forbidden. Procedures of following the rules are too boring. What's the fun in that?

~Yours truly,