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2014-11-27 22:55:18 (UTC)

Things still are..

I don't really think what I wanna write but it's been a long time since i last made an entry so i wanted to check it out. Things have been pretty much the same.. Still nothing changed. Leyum is still away, he still don't have any idea, he's still living his life without me. But it's okay as long as he is happy, and i think he is. Although i wanted him to know.. Hope he will someday. Still there's not much things to do about it.
I'm still alone. That's not new. I'm a little bit tired of this situation. There's an empty space around my heart that waits someone to fit the pieces together. However the one that I wanted to fit them together is far away. And i have no idea why i feel this way about him. I still don't understand the way he makes me actually feel my heart, i'm like: it's right there!OMZ!
But i'm not, i don't know if i am, i wouldn't write about this if i wasn't. And i would feel complete, but i'm not.
I won't give up. I will find him..