deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2014-11-26 07:02:21 (UTC)

Happy Thanksgiving....

i had SOOOO hoped to see You last evening or again this morning. my "whore-mone" levels must be off the chart because i crave more and more of my recent thoughts and Your talk from last Saturday. i am guessing it will be over a week before we talk again so travel safe and think of me often, as i do You.

Your bare whore,


I returned from the holiday yearning to see and be with My fuckwhore. I can't wait to see you and will be checking in and out. I have SUCH plans for your body and mind!

Your loving Master


i was late arriving (which You already know...) but i did make it and was sitting at Your feet at the gate. You poofed, but i stayed for about 40 mins waiting, my shaved bare pussy on display at the gate for You.

Sorry we didn't connect :-(

Hope Your Sunday is a good one.



I obviously didn't know I was still logged in My sexy whore. I had been there awhile and thought that you told Me Sunday was probably a no go. Am sick that I missed you! Am more that pleased that you did your task My slut. I look forward seeing you this week I hope. Am still trying to figure out a new way to IM you. Apparently msn messenger has been discontinued. have you had issues too?



Its Saturday morning and i'm sitting in Cass for 15 mins hoping. my IM works fine, or appears to, as i left You many unanswered greetings over the last 2 weeks.

i will wait in Cass awhile longer.