A lady in the crowd
2014-11-26 05:40:06 (UTC)

Brief Life Update.

Running during the early morning is one of the best experiences of being a runner. The refreshing air hit my bare face, and the chilling air that brought goose bumps throughout my entire body, but I enjoyed that feeling that came along with the cold. I ran across the fields of the border. Todays destination was The American Canal. My estimation was to reach the great canal to view the sun rise. To my surprise I beat time, by the time I reached my destination the sun was still well hidden in the mountains. In contrast to afternoon runs, morning runs are more challenging I went to the gym, and did new U.S Army workouts. It's all about durability and consistency.

Lately I've been attending church, and I decided to do something I that I wouldn't usually do. I'm enrolling in Church School to preach the word of God. It's entertaining to me, brings tranquility, and it feels good to sing their catchy lullabies.

In other news, The Upper Bound program has been taking up many of my thoughts. I completed all of my paperwork, went through the long personal interview, and have currently been speaking to a Junior Counselor who has been working for Upper Bound for over forty years. He said my chances in being acceptance are high.

I checked my feedback and I have reached my 100th response. I would like to thank my readers for taking the time to read my blog, and for sending such kind feedback.

~Yours truly,