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2014-11-23 19:56:04 (UTC)

Email from my kiddo

My ex kiddo emailed me today. She says she misses me and wish she could live with me. She tells me a little of what's going on. Her 9 year old brother is still afraid to go to bed by himself. She says she's 5 ft tall now and she wanted to try out for girls basketball. She tells me that Mom says she will take her to sign her up but of course, the ex flakes and changes her mind.

I feel sorry for her. Her Mom is showing and inevitably teaching her to do the same. Too bad. Parents just don't understand that traits (good or bad) gets past down from generation to generation. It takes a great parent to break the bad stuff. So it is what it is. I can't change the ex. I just hope my kiddo is strong enough to break that cycle or perhaps she may have learned enough from me to no become unreliable like my ex. This will be important for her future friends and even maybe that special person one day.

Anyway, she's only 12 and she has to deal with this. I feel bad but it's nothing I can do to change things. I just told her to pray to God and he will help her. She says she will.

As for my single parents group? They are starting to disgust me a little. Maybe I just need to take a break from them? It's turned into a dating site and their mindset is no longer focused on their kiddos.

Well diary, that's all I got for now.

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