2014-11-23 19:31:08 (UTC)

Therefore; CODE BLACK...

Into the realms of freedom divine, Considering what we mentioned earlier , the fight of about our lifetime journey has finally paid the price regarding our struggles with the worldly mind and the devotion of trust to always love all people the same yet for different reasons to cherish & believe...

Certainly, we consider The Right Fight, definitely had it's moments of despair yet well worth the transition into a better and more peaceful serenity derived from our Faith and perseverance of attitude and our moral beliefs set as bold.

Believe me I definitely fought the right and good fight to finally after so many of our obstacles we can be happy and safe at home into this Divine Dominion of society together we set our sails to the tune of exploration and to always be thankful to enjoy...REALLY SOMETHING TO CONSIDER...

As our Destiny's unfolds it's wings of ETERNAL GLORY the true purpose offered from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ a gift to cherish it & believe your moral attitude towards our community of believers as SERENE. A
Knowing our lord is watching every move we make to the purpose of a Loving Heart and to inherit the holy land of nocturnal praise to always be of service to others as brothers & sisters of faith...A ROYAL FAMILY OF BELIEVERS...To be continued..ENJOY AND HAVE A GREAT DAY! Donnie Larsen.

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