2014-11-23 18:48:03 (UTC)


As we reflect our beliefs as bold and true.
Therefore; The Mysterious Shadow of faith protecting every move we make.Into the future.As we observe a character of a modern evolution,Love...

There is no fear just obstacles of our divine purpose as the mighty warrior of eternity unfolds it's wings to keep the intimacy between lovers sacred & pure, as we try. So certainly we reflect again when obstacles become an opportunity for goodness and to achieve a brand new chapter as the pages of our lives turn into a new frontier of Honor & trust...

Therefore; there is a secure way to achieve eternal guidance when exploring the eternal heart and as we continue our foundation built upon it's principles of divine truth- To strengthen our rational mind and to be a survivor with the spirit of loving care for our family and friends and as we observe an evolution of this trust, again we certainly are honest with our feelings and triumph over the worldly mind.

VALLEY OF THE SHADOW...Yes, think it over honestly, something beyond modern evolution to always know that True Love will find the way into our sacred garden of eternity...Therefore; STRAYPOWER. VALLEY OF THE SHADOW.