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2014-11-23 00:14:38 (UTC)

Yet Another Entry

"Fuck This Place" by Frightened Rabbit [possibly my favorite song title ever]


Okay, guys, time for a special TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY entry!!! I mean, technically, that anniversary was yesterday at ten PM (that is when I began my first entry in this diary two years ago) but I FORGOT SO YEAH.

I realized today that some of my entry titled are really fucking great, haha, so here we go.

ENTRY TITLE HALL OF FAME (not in order of how good they are)

[Insert Clever Title Here] - November 30, 2012 (never gets old)

Instensely Suicidal, but What's New? - December 19, 2012 (my extreme sarcasm shines through)

Oh, Fuck Titles - December 29, 2012 (ah, the first time I got fed up with my lack of creativeness)

A Study Of Destruction - January 13, 2013 (oh yeah, I went crazy on this day)

I am a human lump - January 24, 2013 (wow, what an epiphany)

Beard Stroking - October 9, 2013 (yes)

Pft, problems? What problems? - October 12, 2013 (i love myself so much)

I'm doomed? - October 13, 2013 (i should read this entry to see what it's about)

THE LOVE IN PHILOVESOPHY - October 13, 2014 (something must've been wrong with me during this entry, haha, like what the actual fuck, was I high?)

Tartarus (the hellest part of hell) - October 19, 2014 (my entry titles are flawless, haha)

Schizophrenics and Food - October 28, 2014 (this sparks my curiosity. I don't even remember this)

Tangled Ball of Stringy Emotions and Stuff - November 8, 2014

I Plan Accidently Kill It - November 26, 2013 (it really annoys me that I misspelled "accidentally" but the obsessive part of me won't change it???)

Quantum Suicide - January 24, 2014 (it sounds interesting, okay?)

UNFUCKINGTITLED - February 12, 2014

Death, Anyone? - February 13, 2014 (god, haha)

What Is Your Childhood Trauma?! - February 15, 2014 (YES, OH MY GOD, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER QUOTE, YES)

Nightmares In Real Life 2: Return Of The Nightmares!!! - March 22, 2014 (I'm just liking myself more and more, haha)

Oh, Look, I'm On Fire - May 22, 2014 (if you are as sarcastic as I am, there is a 99% chance I am already in love with you)

Emocean - May 28, 2014

Un-Breathtaking - June 20, 2014 (not the best of all my clever titles, but hey *noncommittal shrug*)

Duller Than Something Dull - July 5, 2014 (obviously, my intelligence was at its peak that day, haha)


Paranoia Invades North Veronica - August 15, 2014

??????? - September 16, 2014 (nothing is more creative than a series of question marks. this is art)

Return Of The Satirical Narrator!!! - September 17, 2014

Am I or the Others Crazy? - September 26, 2014 (I just really love the quote I stole this from)

Lamictol? More like LAME-ictol, ha ha ha - October 8, 2014 (if there is one thing to sum up my sense of humor, this is it)

What's The Sound Of One Hand Clapping? - October 26, 2014 (this is the one where my parents slap their butts in unison, haha)

Never-Ending Sigh - November 7, 2014

This Has No Plot - November 10, 2014

AND THERE YOU GO. Those are my amazing titles. Maybe I have better ones. Maybe I added some to this list that aren't that great. I'm kinda biased so who knows. GOODNIGHT BECAUSE I AM INCREDIBLY TIRED. I didn't even play minecraft today, wow.

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