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2014-11-22 23:19:38 (UTC)

About Me

"Milk" by Sea Oleena [I've been discovering really beautiful music, lately]

10:20 PM

In an attempt to counter my last entry's turn for the worst, I shall now post what I originally intended to post when I began my previous entry. I was talking about how I love my blog. I like my "About Me" page and it's been awhile since I've summarized myself (It's been almost exactly two years, haha). I also forgot to mention that the hospital stay occurred a year and a half ago, April 2013, eighth grade for me. A few months after I began this diary, actually.



Quick notice: I keep a public online diary and if you’d like to read about my struggles with my mind (even though they’re not super interesting), just send me an ask and I’ll reply with the link. If you’d like a site where you can voice your thoughts privately or publicly, you can use what I use (or don’t, I don’t really care):
Name: Veronica
Age: 15
Short version of me: Single, heterosexual female with the sense of humor of a fifty year old dad
Likes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Harry Potter series, the Chaos Walking series (I almost liked it more than harry potter, ALMOST), sleeping, being awake, history and mythology (specifically greek, thanks percy jackson), tumblr (wow who would’ve guessed), my friends, puzzles, the Walking Dead, Netflix, cheesy jokes, the Shins, Issues, Ed Sheeran, the Beatles, writing, reading, art, researching psychology, Doctor Who (the new and old show), Supernatural, rock climbing, etc. I play ukulele and piano. I love drawing, and I have a page with my crappy art. I guess I’m hoping to get better. I’m good at school. I like Geometry. I also am in LOVE with writing. It’s the only way I know of (besides art) that helps me healthily deal with my feelings.
Pierce The Veil
Modest Mouse
Bring Me The Horizon
Say Anything
You Me At Six
Radical Face
The Beatles
Mumford & Sons
Lana Del Rey
Miike Snow
blessthefall (ish)
Tweny One Pilots
Cage The Elephant (i don’t know much by them)
Pink Floyd (kinda)
Florence & The Machine
Arctic Monkeys (ish)
Mayday Parade
Arcade Fire
Summary of Self:
I’m shy and hard to get to know. I usually don’t even act myself until you know me for a long while. Like, a really long while.
I have some issues. Most people do, haha. I’m a sophomore in high school.
I make a lot of annoying jokes. I bite my lip a lot when I’m nervous. I’m bad at eye contact. Super self-conscious. I’m of average intelligence.
I love art and I am okay at it. I am very confused and I write a lot for no reason. I’m kinda self-centered but I care about other people a lot and I will listen to you (unless I got my own shit to deal with *strikes rapper pose*).
I am part of a LOT of fandoms. Criminal Minds is currently my cup of tea.
I read a lot. Right now, I’m very into classics and nonfiction about psychology which sounds really boring BUT IT’S SO COOL. Other than that, I read a lost of fantasy novels, haha.
I love long conversations about music, fandoms, movies, shows, books, and current events.
I have lots of opinions that I usually don’t share until I am certain that I have enough information. I never offend anyone on purpose.
My favorite genre of music is Indie Rock or Indie Folk but I listen to a couple more genres as well (what genre is Bring Me The Horizon??? Whatever it is, I like that one, too).
Okay, I guess really, the simplest way to describe myself is by telling you the most important things in my life: people, art, and stories.
I get very annoyed with John Green but I like his brother a lot.
I don’t like being “cheesy” so it gets really hard to honestly tell another human being how I am actually feeling.
I am very bad at getting angry with other people. I never want anyone to ever, ever feel bad.
My hands shake a lot and they are often cold.
I cry a lot but not always because I am sad.
I am very anxious and I can get clingy when I am uncomfortable.
Um… Yeah.

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