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2014-11-22 22:40:28 (UTC)


Everything is great, fantastic, amazing, a natural high. The time we spend is so " what can a say, just am all time high". So if you have a 90% high, just let the 10% go.... Do not worry about the things you can not change.. When me. Right is ready he will let the past go and realizes they had there chance to hear what he tells them in his private messages. Just amagine what one deep love feels like when you are 100% in the relationship. If mr. right could only let go and give me his 100%. I am not sure why he is holding onto a few women in his past. He always says he does not go back to the past. Why continue to say the thinks he says, if he is not holding on or should I say a backup plan. If mr. right can not let go of the back up plan the here and now will not be the furfure.