Story of a Girl
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2014-11-22 19:00:58 (UTC)


So I'm in the car with my mom & she keeps talking about Texas. "Oh you'll love it there. It's much more bigger & beautiful than this city." And then she started talking about the new immigration law. Then, started talking about Texas again.

"..If you were to go to Mexico with your dad, you wouldn't be able to unless I approve. You can't go ANYWHERE without my authorization until you're 18. But neither can I. If I want you in Texas, I'd need his approval. I'll tell you one thing: You will NOT like being in Mexico with your father." Then she started talking about my father getting married, not giving us attention, yada yada.

You know, I know you don't like Mexico. Because that's where YOU should've gone to after you & my dad divorced. You stayed here instead. You've got nothing in Mexico.

Just like I've got nothing in Texas.

So why do you want me going there so badly? So that I can watch over your kids while you go to your parties? Just so you can scream & threaten me? Just so I can continue suffering in your house, while you do nothing & I do everything for you? So that I can continue living a poor lifestyle?

I'd like to travel there, just not with you. If anything, I want to get away from you. As far away as possible. Of course, I'm not going to tell you this because you scare the living crap out of me.