Just Another Life Journal
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2014-11-20 12:23:24 (UTC)

Strangers to Strangers

I was alone in this world.
Everyone is a stranger.
You were a stranger.
We were once strangers.

Then you come up to me, talk about a lot of things.
We start to have mutual friends.
We found our mutual hobbies.
Our mutual thoughts.
Our mutual feelings.

We became closer than anyone else.
Not yet lovers, but more than friends.
You wanted to make it clear. Our relationship.
You asked me if I wanted to be your girlfriend.
I told you I need some time to think about it.

The time has come.
I decided I wanted to be your girlfriend.
In fact, I want that more than anything else.
We were happy. So happy.
Our days were full of love and laughter.

Of course we fought sometimes.
But then we grew even closer.
We thought this will be our forever.
We hugged, we kissed, we touched each other.
We made out in your bedroom. On your bed.

No regrets.

The day came when I had to leave.
Not far, but I wouldn't be able to see you every day.
We stayed in contact for a while.

Then I grew tired of this. This relationship.
The relationship that I once believed as our future.
I cheat, you found out. We broke up.
But you said you forgave me.
You told me that you'll be there if I wanted to come back to you.
Maybe you saw something in him that I didn't see.
You could see he's a douche bag.

He left me. Devastated.
I'm too proud to come back to you. Too scared of making the same mistake.
Too scared of hurting you again.
So I decided to let you go.

And you did.
You are a stranger now.
We are strangers.