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2014-11-19 14:36:59 (UTC)

University Life - Z

University life....
When I was in high school, I couldn't wait to enter university.
I think my high school sucks -- because I have almost no friends.
And I hope my university life will be better.
No, actually I WANT my university life to be better.
I WILL make it better, much better than my high school.
I will be a stylish, friendly, warm, and popular girl in university.
Besides, they always show how fun university life is on TV.
That's what I thought.
That's what I was looking forward to.

I can't be more fucking wrong than that.
While my classmates in high school were still okay (I mean their personality and attitudes are still acceptable and ignore-able), the people in university are totally the opposite.
I've met a lot of people with bad attitudes and worse personality.
Let me describe some of them for you so we can judge them together.

Let's call our first subject as Z.
Z is a girl, a bit taller than me. Also a bit chubbier than me.
Now, do you believe in personality traits based on blood types?
I do, but only to a certain extent because I believe there are other things that have their roles in shaping someone's personality.
She is categorized as a perfectionist based on her blood type.
She read a lot of blood type comics, and I personally think she is trying too hard to implement all those traits she read to herself.
She's even giving herself a hard time.

She thinks a lot and asks a lot (of unimportant questions which you can easily think of the answers yourself if you can use your brain).
She is what you will call as the "engine" in group assignments.
She has her standards, and she wants other people to meet those fucking standards.
She doesn't trust other people who "seem" to be less smart than she fucking thinks she is.
She said she is sensitive. Not in a normal sensitive. Like, super sensitive. She thinks she is the most sensitive person on this fucking earth and she wants everyone else to be good to her because of that.

She wants people to meet her standards, but when she doesn't have the mood to do something, she will do it quarter-assed. Not even half-assed, but QUARTER.
She pushes her opinions on others until they eventually give up and just ignorantly agree with her so she will stop talking.
She wants to have fairer skin, but she doesn't want to take the effort of applying whitening body lotions.

She is rich, though. So she always get what she wants. ALWAYS.
She doesn't come from he big city, so her national language is not as good as mine. BUT, she always tried (too hard) to use formal words in weird context. She loves to use the word "notabene" in everything.
She believes she is the smartest out of our group of friends and view everyone else as someone inferior to her.

Now, an example of recent "incident".
Z, X--her friend who I will also describe in the next post, and me are in the same group for assignments. This group was formed before I know her true personality as I described above.
We have to make a model for our project - a mixed use project.
Z and X both want to pay people to do the model because they said they're too fucking tired and all those excuses.
Well, we all have the same work loads, and I found complaining because you procrastinate too much and suffering near the deadline is not acceptable.
I procrastinate and stuffs but I can work faster than both of them, so I know my capacity and skill.
Back to the topic, ou know how much we all have to pay? $300 for 3 people! That means $100 EACH.
Please note that this model is just a requirements for the final exam. We have to present a model, but it doesn't have to be a grand one. As long as we present a model, we are qualified for the final exam.

FUCK NO, I'm not gonna waste $100 only for that fucking model. We have 2 days to finish the model, and we can use laser machine to cut the materials which will be ridiculously CHEAPER.
I don't come from a rich family like they both are. They probably will just told their dad that they need $100 and they will get it.
I decline to join them, but I encourage them both to pay people if they want to. I will just put my model along with theirs.

Here's another note.
We all have to make all those paper works, like floor plan, section, details and stuffs and we have to hand them in on Monday. And we have perspective to hand in on Wednesday. The model will be presented on Friday after the perspective.
I believe you can see the generous timeline. The lecturer is kind enough to push back all the dates.
I plan my work like this:
- This week until Monday morning = do all the paperwork and finish it as soon as possible.
- Monday = finish the pattern for laser cutting
- Tuesday until Wednesday dawn = finish the perspective
- Wednesday until Thursday = assemble the model

So far, I have done a lot more paperwork than Z and X because they are too caught up in finishing the needed drawings for the people who will do the model. Right now I'm doing the elevation, they are still doing the 3D modelling for that people.
I guess they are not happy with how far and how I have organized my time, they decided to fucking screw it up.

They told me the lower 3 levels of my building which are connected to Z's building will be made by that paid people. I, of course, decline this because I know this will screw my time schedule. But they keep pushing and all until I eventually don't want to argue so i just agree with them.

Now I'm stuck with 3D modelling which can be done NEXT WEEK!!
I will have to finish this today so I can finish my elevation tomorrow. I need to make a new time schedule which will be more packed of work with a little nap slipped in here and there.

And I need to turn off my wifi.

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