always wth love

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2014-11-17 09:58:26 (UTC)

the truth

why am so insecure
but ive accepted!
gosh where to fuckin begin
i guess i can begin in on thursday
was bad day
i totally cried my eyes out
i couldnt go school because my ride
but i wasnt why i cried ive bad anxiety too, so on friday was boring as HeLL id do all damn laundry on my only day i dont have class.
but my girly rachele txt me
about girl stuff it was good to pull me out my comfort zone
as my distraction that had last bout good 2 days....
by sunday i was alone physical and mental
than now today i was only 7 mins late to class not bad right
i have lied about want i was gettin but i only did because im doing other shittt
so far ive a D
but if i fix the images it will be a B
so im doing it wedneday