A lady in the crowd
2014-11-16 08:43:10 (UTC)

A Letter To Celeste.

(In response to Celeste's question.)

Dear Celeste,

"Yesterday Is A New Version Of Today," does refer to previous generations. I myself admire the 70's and the 90's. At times I wish I could have the ability to travel back in time. I specifically fancy the year 1847 also known for the ages of the Gold Rush. My distaste for the 21st Century is caused by innovations in technology. Which has lessened societies ability to socialize.

I prefer being a pedestrian rather than owning a Mercedes. I prefer candles lighting up my home, rather than receiving an expensive electricity bill at the end of each month. I'm one of the few who find
hand written letters, horseback riding, skirts below the knees, ethnic diversity, and the mining industry to be a lovelier time period.

Months could pass and I wouldn't find the need to reply to all of my emails, messages, or social networking websites. We would all keep living without the existence of the internet. I tell all of those people that the quickest manner to contact me is by person. I refuse to adapt to the ways of the 21st Century! To me being old fashioned has always been my type of style. Therefore in many ways I am one who lives yesterday as a new version of today.

Thank you for complimenting my writing by
comparing my writing style to NC Andrews.(:

~Yours Truly,