Story of a Girl
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2014-11-14 23:33:41 (UTC)

Competition tomorrow

Competition for marching band is tomorrow.

A lot of my stuff was with my mom, & it was a hassle trying to get them over to my dad's place.

My dad dry-cleaned my uniform last minute, but I got it early, thank God.

I haven't paid for my drillmasters, so my director never "ordered" them... We can't wear black tennis shoes. ("The most black, whatever you can march in without designs.") I have to borrow my dad's work shoes, which are kind of big on me... and they have very small designs.

Our music sounds like shit.YOU CANT. HEAR. US. AT. ALL. Even if you're right there in front of us. Our diagnals for a lot of the closer look weird. Our visuals look cheesy.

And I don't have food for tomorrow, and I'm there all day until 5 (we'll most likely not place)

Maybe I'm worrying about nothing.

It's not letting me sleep.

It's 11:33PM, I'm tired, I'm suposed to wake up super early, but I'm too busy stressing about this.


Edit: We got a "Superior!" for our performance. WE ACTUALLY PLACED. HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN!?

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