A typical 17 year old girls life
2014-11-11 20:24:30 (UTC)

Just fuck off

I just realized how much of a little bitch ive been. My last entry I wrote at 8 am and was angry so yeah probably not smart to write at that time. And thankyou whoever the hell wrote me to get a life but I already realized i was being a little pussy about it so yeah. After having anxiety attacks for well years now you cant help but to stress. I dont really rember what I last wrote but regardless I realized I was being selfish cuz I was stressing as always and I took it overboard when really I shouldve paid more attention to stevens actual problems. Im trying to now but hes acting different. Idk why , could be cuz we havent seen eachother in forever or that work is so busy idk but I wanna make it up to him somehow so im gonna try and do something really sweet. Im not gonna lie yeah im still scared cuz yeah I dont wanna lose him but this is my diary and im really not gonna pretend to lie about how i feel the whole point of this thing is to somehow help me

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