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2014-11-11 08:22:43 (UTC)

Getting on with life

Frustrated with finance and pace of business but I just have to carry on…plugging away
My finance is in a dire situation but I need to follow a disciplined plan I have mapped out and with time things should get better.

The court date is now set to January when we should resolve the finances. I have to continue to live in the house until this is resolved. It is getting harder every day but the children make it less of a burden.

Talking about the children I really worry about them. The exposure that have to this conflict is not healthy. Apart from Daddy and mummy living in separate rooms the incommunicado as well. Also sometimes the language she uses when she is angry is just wrong but I keep quiet not to trigger a conflict.

The other weekend I went away for the weekend to play golf with my buddy (I had to get away). She now responded saying she was going away last weekend and also we insisted we should trigger the children's arrangement agreement which was supposed to kick-in after we start to leave separately. So I had the kids for last weekend in the house and she did not go anywhere after all. I find it strange she wanted to go for a weekend because I did the same the previous weekend. You should go for a weekend when you have to or want to not because someone else did but to be honest it is not beyond my expectation of her.

I just need to keep my nose clean until after the court case in January then I can finally begin to live again after we start living separately.