Lorin McGroom

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2014-11-07 23:18:57 (UTC)

Ghostly things

So enough about all that stuff.
About a month ago I got a job working as a hotel clerk at a Ramada Inn. It requires very little intelligence but I like meeting people and so far it has been fun.
The program on the reservations computer is rather interesting. Of course it contains the reservation for the hotel's future but it also shows all the rooms available and not available, what type of room it is (double or single, with or without a jacuzzi) and whether the room has been serviced by housekeeping since the last guest.
This particular hotel is said to be haunted due to several deaths having occurred in the building before it was a Ramada Inn. Now it might interest you to know that far more of us English-born people actually believe in ghosts than Americans. Maybe it has something to do with all the century old buildings in Europe.
Nonetheless, I made it my business to find out where these hauntings occurred in the building and check them out.
The first one was located by the ice machine on the first floor about midway down the hall. It is said that a lady in a white dressing robe walks through the wall into an area that used to be a pool before the building was renovated. The story goes that she had fought with her lover and gone to the bar and gotten rather drunk before going to the pool and accidentally drowning. Two of the housekeepers (both of whom are really lovely ladies) have made a pact to only visit or clean in that area when they can both be together.

The second area that is supposedly haunted is room 216 on the second floor. The room can be freshly made up by housekeeping and when a guest is assigned to the room, they will complain that the bed is turned down and the water is running in the bath tub. We don't provide either of these services. In this case a rather well known actress was said to have committed suicide in that room long before the hotel was renovated.
Room 216 will occasionally show as being occupied on the computer after in has been cleaned and electronically placed back in service. As the housekeepers clean the rooms before check-in time, they provide a list to the front desk showing which rooms are still occupied and which rooms are ready to receive new guests. We manually check off the rooms that are ready and I have several times checked 216 off, ready to rent and it will show up moments later as occupied. When this occurs, you can bet the bath will be running and the bed turned down. I have witnessed this myself.
Lastly, a lift (an elevator) that services all four floors of the hotel and is visible from the front desk will come to life and appear that someone has called it to the lobby. The door will open and a camera on the elevator entrance on the third floor shows the elevator door opening as if someone had taken the elevator from the lobby to the third floor. No one ever comes out though.

I work 2P.M to 10P.M. The housekeepers go home at 3:00 and the only maintenance guy goes home at 6:00 so from 6:00 to 10:00 I am alone at the hotel except for the guests. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 170 pounds but I have to admit that occasionally I am a little jumpy.