2014-11-07 06:26:41 (UTC)

Missing my beautiful Wife

Its been 15 days since you have been gone but feels like 15 years. Every breath I take without you by my side I feel like I am dying a slow death.

I know I stuffed it real bad, I know I broke so much promise, I know how I caused you to fall out of love. I know you dont trust a word I say it to you. Ohh baby you cant realize how miserable I am without you.

My heart cries and bleeds for you. I didnt realize how much I love you, how every cell of my body craves for you. I truly madly love you more than everything else in this world.

You and our son is my only world. With you gone, this world has no meaning for me.

I know you don't believe any word I say, but baby this is my final truth. You are the one I truly love, you are my heart and soul. If its hoping against hope, I will still try. I will tear my heart so you can see that you are the precious one that I hide.

I hope you realize it before its too late cause it feels like a race against time to be with you.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking it is a bad dream but does not take long to realize whats happening is true like life and death.

I know you said we might get back after 6 months....so that makes it 165 more days to go......i dont know how i will cope cause every, every hour, every minute, every second, every breath is so hard and depressing. If only you could see and comprehend what I am going through.

I picked up our son at lunch time today. I fed him lunch at childcare itself. Brought him home and he watched cars movie back to back :-). Flatmate had a visitor and interacted with our son. She said he is so gorgeous.....like an angel :-).

I've got work all night......dont know how i am going to do it.......