Lorin McGroom

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2014-11-07 03:52:32 (UTC)


So I have a friend that has sort of been around since we first moved to the U.S. His name is Jarred and he occasionally keeps me out of trouble with my British way in this new land. There are a lot of differences socially here but nothing we don't pick up from watching American TV in London. People are a lot more openly racist here than in the U.K. That's not to say we don't have our fair share of Racism in London and the rest of Britain.
Last year there was a very attractive Black girl who was unloading some things from her car for a drama production that was to be held that evening. So, I decided to give her a hand. She seemed a little surprised but gladly accepted my help. Later, a friend came to me and told me that it wasn't a good Idea to have done that because her boyfriend who was also Black was very jealous and hated when White guys came on to her.

"I wasn't bloody coming on to her. I was just giving her a hand" I said.

"Still, just be careful", he said.

And guns! What is up with the love affair with guns? People got em. People kill with them. Want to show them off and its not just your basic old lady gun. We are talking AK .47s here. Do you need that?
Are the conservatives here so afraid that the Black man in the White House is going to take over the rights of the people that you have to arm yourself against the government? I'm in Wal*Mart and there is this guy with two little kids walking around in the store with an assault rifle hung around his neck.

*Excuse me, I was just going to get an air freshener for my car. Is that OK?*

OK. Part of being a good guest in your country is not to complain because someone is going to tell me if "You don't like it, go back to your damn Queen".

I'm an easy going guy and I believe "when in Rome......."

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