Lorin McGroom

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2014-11-05 23:58:09 (UTC)

The Basics

Hi, my name is Larin (and no, I'm a guy). Don't ask me where my parents came up with that name but it has caused a lot of misconceptions on records and other documents. For instance I was originally assigned to the girls gym at school my first year in the U.S.
I am from London. We moved here about four years ago at the beginning of my high school years. I just graduated and I'm taking a year off to work before beginning college at UCLA.

I have two siblings, Jake and Daniel. Jake is twelve and wishes he were me just so he'd be done with school. Daniel thinks I am from another generation. He's fifteen.

Oddly, my parents are still married and live in the same house with us. My dad was transferred to the U.S for his work as a journalist for a major news agency.
Getting used to being an American at my age has its good and bad points. I am always being asked to repeat myself since most Americans don't speak British English. Few of you know what a tosser is and are surprised to learn that the word water is spelled with a T and not a D.
I have had to make some concessions of my own though when spelling certain words that in England have an S and in the U.S have a Z.

Other than that though I am often revered as somewhat of a novelty among my friends