A typical 17 year old girls life
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2014-11-05 12:34:37 (UTC)

Intro and Guys

Okay first of all my names Caylin and ive tried this diary thing a bagiliion times and yeah. HOPEFULLY this one works out. Well first of all I do have a boyfriend his names steven hes 24 im 17.-. No judgy. My ex lawson is obsessed with me and well I broke up with him and we agreed to stay friends but like hes so clingy. Last time we hung out he was acting like we're still dating. So annoying. He doesnt know about steven yet cuz he'll flip shit. Anyways again sooo when we all hung out his good friend austin was there and we didnt talk much. Later on like a month later (like 5 days ago) i found him on fb and added him. Apparently he liked me since he seen me and we talk every day now. We arnt TALKING before dating we're just talking to eachother. He doesnt know about my bf either cuz news spreads and my parents dont know about my 24 year old bf yet >> so only a few people know. I guess austin asked lawson how he felt about me and austin talking and then later on austin asked me if we're talking i said no. But lawson wouldnt fucking believe me. We got in a hugeee fight and I was trying SO hard to contain my anger. Regardless i decided to give him his shit back and he gives me mine and just be done with it. Austins gonna pick me up from school today and get me starbucks :D I didnt even ask lol. Okay well bye for now :o

- 11/5/14

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