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2014-11-04 18:05:01 (UTC)


"Crooked Kind" by Radical Face

November 4, 2014 Tuesday 5:05 PM

DREAMS: the other day, I had a very strange dream in which my parents lived in separate places while being still having a loving marriage. I was at my mom's apartment and every time I left her apartment, I saw Aaron's Boyfriend, Tray, sitting in a red plastic chair (the kind they have in school) by the corner apartment on the second floor which was also by a window. He was reading a newspaper and sneaking glances at me, squinting, like he was wondering what I was (Is she a squirrel? Maybe. Is she a figment of my imagination? Hmm, that could also be true. Is she a representation of everything wrong with society? That might be it.).

Last night's dream was freaky. I lived in a big, blue farmhouse that was very isolated with my parents. They weren't my real-life parents, though, they were a handsome couple like the people you'd hire to play parents in a movie about your life.

We were happy and then something was wrong. There was a man. Time was switching back and forth, like I was regaining a memory.

I think the "reality" was me, living in my dark house with this man (who's eyes were void of feeling) and never leaving. Watching as teenage girls came and went through the house, some of them disappearing. They were fine but sometimes they got killed. I think everyone said what a nice guy he was but I don't know if they believed it.

I flashed every once in awhile to my life before the man, brightly colored, living with my beautiful parents. I eventually "remembered" hiding in a basement. My father was telling me everything was okay. Maybe my mother was dead. As soon as he said this, hooks came out from his eyes. Blood poured down his face and he was screaming.

He was hauled from the ground by the hooks and he just.. hung from the ceiling, dead.

The man was grinning at me.

I was horrified.


So this is what I get for watching Criminal Minds before sleep, haha. I love my nightmares so much. I kind of want to be scared. It's a rush.

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