The Real Me
2014-11-03 22:22:12 (UTC)

A piece of Advice if you are ever heartbroken.

I came across this online somewhere...and for some reason this stood out to me so much. It was mainly the laugh bit. I want to remember this forever and I think I will:

Darth Vader has recently been crushed, and has now taken a lot of mental kicks in the balls. I have also found out how ironic and cruel life can be, almost as if something is controlling everything around you, and shaping it up to make you look and feel like an idiot.

Right now things feel like they can't get any worse. In the past few weeks things have become worse and worse. The very thing that started it has now become obsolete, making everything I have been through recently pointless and avoidable. Now, as a broken man, all there is to do is laugh. Life has thrown all this crap at me, tripped me, beaten me, and taken a dump on my head, but for some reason, I'm still here.

I'm still standing. I may be limping for a long time, but something much greater than I decided to test me and push me to my limits, and I have come through it. I wish I didn't have to deal with any of it, but life does that to you sometimes.

Now take this advice, and don't tell anyone that Darth Vader told you. I need to keep up my street cred.

Laugh. Do all that you can to laugh. Whether it is a silly giggle or you wet yourself while shaking into a frenzy. If you can't laugh, there is no point in trying to live your life. Lean on your friends and family. They are there for you, like you are there for them. Talk to people about your problems. A larger audience adds larger perspective, something which is invaluable. Anyone who is willing to lend an ear will do.

I know it is brief, but I hope it helps.

And fear the Dark Side and stuff.