Experienced Life
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2014-10-31 17:17:04 (UTC)

Halloween makes me miss the kiddos :(

Well, I haven't seen the kids since March. I've been good dealing with it pretty much since that time. It does hurt a little because all my friends are posting pics of themselves with their kids in costume. I'll be passing out candy tonight since I got nowhere to go and wasn't invited to go anywhere. There was a bar hopping thing I could've gone but not really into that at the moment.

I just hope my kiddos are doing well and having fun in Nevada. I hope they're all dressed up in their costume and the ex (that should be dressed up as the devil) takes them out for trick or treating. Anyway, I also hope they don't think of me as I want this to be a fun event for them.

Otherwise, nothing new for me. Been pretty good otherwise being by myself. Had to take a break from the single parent group for a bit as there was some drama going on and I don't need any more drama.

Future plans? None. Might buy a foosball table maybe but again, so what? I know nothing can be gained by me staying home a lot nowadays but I also find that I'm at peace with myself and not so stressed out anymore about life. I figure it's a give and take thing. I don't dare go for the stars anymore.

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