A lady in the crowd
2014-10-31 03:08:37 (UTC)

Happiness And Laughter.

I haven't had such a glorious afternoon in quite a long time. Gustavo and I spent some time in Laura Lagarda's residence. The three of us had a session of uncontrollable laughter. We endured the best type of laughter out winning all other types of laughter. Where you have laughed so hard that your rib-cage begins to feel an aching pain. You stare at your friends face only to uncontrollably laugh once more. Tears begin to form in your eyes, now you're feeling suffocation; all that is essential is to simply catch a breath of fresh air.

We had a memorable group hug and left Laura's residence. I felt a heavy ton of stress liftoff from my shoulder. What an enjoyable afternoon filled with the best type of medication for stress:

~Yours truly,