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2014-10-28 01:27:19 (UTC)

long time

It’s been a very long time.

I am now in a very relaxed state of mind.

We have settled the children’s arrangement after a lot of hula bula.

I had to concede a lot but I am happy we have moved on.

The court case (children’s arrangement) was quite a formality and I even gave her a lift home from court.

We exchanged a number of emails leading to agreeing the arrangement and a lot was said especially from her. She can be very vile.

The next and final hurdle is the financial arrangement.

I am preparing a proposal for her.

We were supposed to go to court a couple of weeks ago but she postponed it (I wonder why)?

Being human I have given some thought to reconciliation and I always end up with the same decision, NO. As much as I know it would be good for the kids a lot has been said and done but the most important thing is that I can never trust her to have my back. She is too selfish and will always go back to her default ‘No 1’.

I have to consider my future very carefully, I don’t have age on my side any wrong move now and I may never recover from it.

Peace seems to reign in the house right now. Long may it continue.

I am expecting a bit of friction (well lots) once we start negotiating the financial agreement.

Also we have a new nanny, I hope she stays for a long time as this helps to elevate the tension in the house as we do need help with the children as we both need to go to work