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2014-10-27 05:48:06 (UTC)


dear diary,
yesterday was y ex's b-day, hhh i'm sure he's SOOO getting mad at me because i didn't wish him a happy b-day, and for someone his age (20 years old) he's too childish, he actually got mad at his ex best freind who's now his freind ( i still don't know what happed between them, because when we were together they were best freinds, but when we broke up, they became only freinds, oh and his ex best freind is also my freind and my class mate) as i was saying, he got mad at him because he didn't wish him a happy b-day, too childish?? yupp!!!
with time i'm still discovering how much of effing jurk he is, and i still can't beleive it he was my b-f :o
today is just another day full of emptiness, i'm gonna have to go through what my ex is going to put me into :/
gotta go, get ready for schoo:/
wish me luck

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