deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2014-10-26 11:10:17 (UTC)

Task completed, and i miss You!

It seems we only connected once or twice last week and one of those days was very stormy and i only said a quick hello. i am sorry we didn't get to visit Friday morning before Your departure. i hope You are having a nice time and have a safe return.

The task You assigned was completed. On two days i wrote that word on my lower tummy below my panty line. It stayed there all day until i got home. i must admit it made me somewhat self-conscious and nervous but it also excited me to think of you each time i either saw it or recalled it.

Friday night we were intimate and i began by sucking him with You in mind. my cunt was so incredibly wet by the time we shifted gears and he entered me. i came far before he did and after a few minutes of him continuing and me being so sensitive from cumming that i crawled down and finished him orally, not missing a drop as i thought of You. :-)

We leave Thursday morning for Miami and leave Saturday on the cruise. We return Saturday the 8th and i will do everything i can to visit on the 9th.

i hope to hear from You before Thursday.

Your devoted cunt,



Master adores your devotion and can assure that He was there then, now during your cruise, and absolutely when you get back. You will be rewarded with our special place and time. You will resume your markings as well...with most likely Me pushing them more often and later in the day before removal. I have no doubt My cunt will be wet at the thought!

bon voyage



i am all packed and ready to leave in the morning. i just wanted to quickly log on and see if You responded and to say bye for 10 or so days. i will absolutely think of you at various times! :-)

Be back Nov my best to see You on the 9th, if even just for a few minutes and to give eddie a pat! xoxo

Love You, Master!


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