A lady in the crowd
2014-10-26 09:55:34 (UTC)

Finally A Relaxing Saturday!

Dawn is almost upon us (current tine 4 AM). The sun is yet to rise on a Sunday morning. In a few hours I must leave to Imperial Valley to go to church at ten in the morning. Afterwards we are off to eat lunch at a nearby restaurant; finally I will be doing some volunteer hours at the Valley Convalescent Home. I dearly miss my favorite elder, Roberto, and it brings me joy that I will be seeing him in a few hours.

Saturday was a decent day where I did my laundry, ironed my shirts, washed the dishes, and rearranged my room. I did yoga and belly dancing workouts. Then took a long warm bubble bath. While I was relaxing I re-watched Naruto shippuden episodes 380-383 on my phone. Today wasn't a busy day and I had canceled all of my plans to have a day away from everyone.

I didn't feel like attending my good friend, Johanna's, party. I also canceled on going on a four day getaway trip to San Quentin. I wasn't feeling like a social butterfly; I mourned for a relaxing day.

~Yours truly,