2014-10-25 22:41:02 (UTC)


As we reflect to what has been established in the earlier text, we realize that yes, it is a choice. So with sheer perseverance we discover our hidden treasures of self love as a true brother to our peers and a faithful friend; AUTHENTIC...

When we discover this kind of choice the victory seems so clear. So let go of your negative patterns and live a free life of serene reflections. Therefore; Acknowledge it!

RELEASE THE NEGATIVE...With the tool of Self Control & Dignity we try to let go of our negative emotions to know there is a way~ We just have to tap into this kind of perspective with a positive attitude with your free will genuine & strong...

As mentioned earlier, it is a personal choice how to live your daily agendas when doing what we can for self control & the dignity to be faithful in prayer and a winning attitude of peace.
Therefore; Self control & dignity, use it wisely when making strategic choices regarding our faith and the way we determine our emotional well being and then take to the Realms of Harmony and have a great day!