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2014-10-22 10:50:57 (UTC)

Feeling Betrayed.

Before this all happened, I was the happiest girl alive.

Jack and I had made plans to meet up tonight, I wanted to see him and I had really missed him all week. His mother and sister were both on holiday and his younger brother and father were at his brothers valedictory, so Jack was home alone.
He told me he would go for a run, have a shower and then give me a call and tell me where we would meet up later, however, I wanted to make him happy and I wanted to surprise him so I had decided to turn up for dinner, unannounced. You would think that after dating for two years, turning up unannounced would be perfectly fine, that you would be more than welcome.

I have had a lot on my mind lately. University is stressing me out, I have an exam on Monday that I was meant to be studying for, plus, I had the worst cramps in my stomach and I just felt unwell. But, I still made the effort and drove half an hour to his house to see him. I was singing in the car and dancing, looking at myself in the mirror since I had got all dressed up so that he would think I looked pretty, I am always trying to impress him, I really shouldn't have to try anymore but I like to keep my man happy.

It all started when I arrived at his house. I parked in my usual spot and sent him a quick text message saying "Im here". Sent. Nothing in reply. I decided to just gather my bags and walked to the front door.

Jack had a very modern house. Big and open. His front door is made of glass, meaning when you're standing there, you can see through it and right down to the dining room. The house looked dark, no lights lit, as though no one was even home. I know he was though. I knocked. Nothing. I knocked, again. Nothing. I tried to look through the glass door to see if I could see him coming for the door. As i'm starring into the dining room, I see someone sitting at the table. Not just anyone, but Liv from across the street. And yes, Liv is a girls name.

Here's a quick back story on Liv. Skinny. Blonde. Big boobs. BOYFRIEND STEALER!

As soon as I saw her sitting there, I felt sick. I quickly turned the corner in hope that I wasn't seen because lets face it, I really didn't want to further humiliate myself, did I ? I quickly walked to my car where I sat for ages trying to come up with explanations such as it wasn't her and that I had been too paranoid, it was probably just Jack.

As Im sitting in my car, worrying about what I had seen, I hear my phone sound, It's Jack...
"You're here? Here as in my house?"
"Yes, Im here"
"Oh, By the way, Liv is here"
There it was... confirmed in front of my face that it was in fact the lovely girl from across the road, yes, that is me being sarcastic.
"I know she's there, I was watching her as I was knocking on the door, waiting for you to answer. Im leaving, have a good night" I write as I speed off down his street. I couldn't believe what I had seen. Why was he lying to me in the first place about her being there... Why was she even there?

He called me about ten times and I didnt answer any of his calls, why would I? I was so mad at this point. He sends me an abusive text and somehow, I am the bad guy. I didnt understand, and I still don't. I couldnt help but let the tears come flowing out of my eyes, so much that my vision became blurred and I had to pull the car over otherwise I would have crashed and killed myself. Is that enough satisfaction, Jack?
I soon recieved a message saying that Liv was going to be sleeping over the night. This is seriously not okay, is it?

I mean, seriously, I am shocked.

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