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2014-10-17 14:14:30 (UTC)

Almost a Lovestory

It was 3 months,3 weeks,5 days ago around this hour. The breakup. The difference was today is Friday and back at that day was Saturday.
How can I tell how was the unimaginable break up without telling a bit of how were we as a couple for around half a year. Sorry for telling end of the story at the start. We'll it's because maybe for some people, (I believe most) thinks that break up is an ending of a love story, but for me, it's the in between conflict and climax which is still far from end.
Climax is the most interesting in story so of course the main topic is "the break up" and so again I will say only a few sentences about what we've been through and maybe a bit about me and him.
Our "love story" wasn't that obvious at all. Everyone who saw us together said we fit each other but then after answering their question where and how we met, they say it's hard to believe that it worked out for us and we got in this kind of serious relationship. Yes, half a year ain't that long (for some) but for the fact that we've met in a club, more than a month is "kind of legend".
Weeks before and 'till that night when I've dance with him and kissed him in his lips, I was in euphoria of "enjoying" being single with my friends and cared less about what people around me say.
Months before that very same night I've been hurt a few times by "love". I've been disappointed and unhappy by complicated relationships I had before. I then, told to myself I won't be tricked by the thing again called love, I surrender and give up getting this warmth from somebody I'm looking for. That's what I did. I ignored guys who tried to get into my life and didn't let anyone to flirt with me. I succeed. Well I thought I did. It didn't stay long till it changed. And that was at that night when I saw him. My "SIA".[SIA - Given name to my ex].

-We found Love in a hopeless place- [The fresh obviousness start]

I went to this club locating in the down town with my old friend (JC) who was a guy. Actually I subsided alone from the taxi (a girl friend and her friends who were with me in the taxi didn't wanna come with me) to meet JC and his friends outside the club. Inside the club I saw coincidentally my friend (LM) from my work so most of the time i danced with her.
Later that night I saw my long time crush from afar (BK) who was one of JC's friend. Damn he was hot. Beside BK was this thin guy with white shirt who's not very familiar to me and honestly, seems like he doesn't really fit going around with these guys (JC or BK).Well what I knew then?nothing really, didn't really know them. We'll the think is, JC and BK and the other guys with this white shirt guy, they are all had Asian look, of course cause they are Asian, just like me. This guy, he's a white, wasn't sure what was him exactly and who cares anyway. Well I guess I cared later, It was SIA I danced with who wore white shirt and a blue contact lens. I was drunk and "happy". I started dancing with SIA and I don't know what went through my head, I french kissed him in while we were dancing on the dance floor in the club. Oh I love HIP HOP songs.
Out of the club, SIA was sitting in out front of the car of JC, and i was in front of him talking. He asked for my number, i turned off cellphone without him seeing and gave him a wronged number. Later then I didn't notice (I was drunk remember?) but somehow he got my cellphone in his hand. The next thing I remember I saw 3 out-going call to unknown number which surely was his. He asked me who was in my display picture. It was me and DS, my guy best friend. I told SIA it's my boyfriend. He stared at me and i laughed. He told me he have 2 children. He showed me a picture of a little boy and a girl. I believed then I said I lied. I said I'm single and the guy with me is almost a brother to me.
Lying in my bed in my house, was closing my eyes when I got a text from the unknown number asking if I wanna go to his house at that very moment I refused and went to sleep. In the afternoon day after that night I sent a text apologizing of being rude.
I've been on the same club the next weekend and saw him. I tried to ignore him but then there this tall friend of him who came in front of me and asked me why am I hiding from SIA. I went to greet SIA and went back dancing with my friends. Few minutes before going home, me and Sia went out to talk a bit then I gave him a kiss on his cheek, we had our first picture together and I went back home.
We started "texting", been in the club again the next two weekends but I didn't see him. His friends started teasing me by saying I'm just looking for him that's why I come. True. We kept talking via *"watsapp". I start feeling something but I was still cool back then.
At February 11, 2013, he knocked at my door house holding 2 motorbike helmets and met my mother and my step father for the first time.

-to be continue-