life's a mystery
2014-10-14 03:57:07 (UTC)

a New day!

Well its 6 am here,a start of my day well actually its earlier but I'm done making the coffee and porridge for the girls by now,waiting for them to each arise on their time ;-) . Tonight my eldest picks her subjects for grade10 so a new path awaits her next year.At least I've slept these last 2 nights after battling to sleep for 3 nights last week its a blessing, lol my heavenly Father wanted me in church so after going on sunday it all made sense I haven't felt the Lord like that in a long while! Yes I'm a christian starting over made some mistakes in my life but always had a emptyness inside me.until I found Jesus!its a hard path but well worth it! Well its time to get ready for my day, may yours be filled with many blessings today!

See ya

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