A lady in the crowd
2014-10-13 03:38:12 (UTC)

Las Fiesta's Del Sol.

Saturday night was an extraordinary night filled of pure excitement! Spent at the annual fair of Las Fiestas Del Sol. In which I was accompanied by my beloved family and one of my closest companions, Gustavo Nunez.

The atmosphere of the fair vibrated with bolts of energy. The fair had a gigantic crowd that seemed to be a population over one thousand people. We went on the loop-a-loop hammer, the mini version of mount Everest, and on many others.

Tragically, Gustavo has a phobia for high heights; I was still able to convince my friend to conquer one of his biggest fears. Eventually he could endure no more and by the time it was 1:30 am he was on the urge of vomiting.

The one ride that caught my eye was The Mega Drop. It towered above all the other rides. People with a fear towards high heights didn't dare to ride this beauty. I wasn't able to convince my family, or my friend to go on this ride with me.
"I can't do it." They all said to me.

So I had no other choice but to go solo. People began to scream as soon as our feet were lifted up from the ground and up we went. We finally reached the top where the brave souls got to see a magnificent view of Mexicali. Our hearts raced because we knew the drop was going to begin at any second. The drop was refreshing and only lasted brief moment of about five seconds.

~Yours truly,