Paradise Fears

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2014-10-09 00:00:00 (UTC)

Loving You

Loving You was the most exquisite way of self-destruction.When you fall for someone your unable to describe why you love them.You never get to chose who you love,density and universe chooses for you. Yet sometimes you wonder why they put you with him or her. You hope they love you but when you realize they don't your whole world comes crashing down. Yet through all the pain and suffering they put you through you still go back to them. Because when your in love you can be blind to look past all there flaws and mistakes that they have made because you love them simple as that. Words aren't able to describe the love that you posse for them. Don't you just laugh at the irony of the situation? How were able to push away the people who love and care about us, for the people who no matter what we will do will possible be able to find a place in there heart to love us.