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me and my life
2014-10-02 16:42:03 (UTC)


After long good times here is bad time really
lemme give u update
job: its going good so far have given good business so lil bit relaxed.but den tesion will occur again. going to work is far more better dan being sitting at home. so work is going fine got appointment letter. n soon confirmation n increment. soon m gonna give international xam for german A2 hope ill go thru.

Life: life is so far fine m not as upset or sad as i was before. not much of fun but ya also not worst thx god love u. routine sucks wake up, go office, work, come home, eat, talk to sujju n sleep next day same thing.n now he is also not der so not even sundays are happening.

Love: hmmmm lil pareshani. he has gone to Kolkata for work to make our future secure n to earn good but, it seems plan is not working out for him. he is not liking there at all he feels lonely and frustrated out to that he has lost his josh enthu.. m so damn worried for him as he is acting weird n its affecting our relation :( i tried make him understand but he is not ready to understand which is bothering me n i feel really pathetic how shud i make him feel good. i tired make him understand that its not a compulsion u try for 1 month if things r still not working out or u r not adjusting den come back we will plan other way out but no that man is not ready to listen. i am really getting very much worried for him. i love him a lot. his weird behaviour is disturbing n i feel sad for him he is my baccha. muuhaa..
hope things will be fine very soon.

other: nothing much i am feeling low today uneasy donno y... i better go work than sitting home. sis is on fast for navratri n her life is full jumbled for that also i get tensed. god pls give me strength n bless my loved ones om namaha shivay!!!!
love u mom, sis n sujju muuhhaaaa.
gn peeps