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2014-10-01 21:31:27 (UTC)

Camping with the group at Calaveras Big Trees

Haven't logged in for awhile. This stuff happened back on Sept 19th. Sorry for posting so late but it was important enough for me to jot down. Anyway, the single parents group I hang with went camping. This was an adult only event. About 40ish people went. We did our normal hiking, hanging out at the lake, wine tasting, camp fire drinking, etc. First night was great. It was a Friday and we always have fun around the camp fire eating, drinking, chatting, etc.

Apparently, I seem to be the freaking chef when we camp. I'm not really a great cook but compared to this boil a bag peeps, I guess it makes me look good. I of course share my food with the gang so they love me for it.

Late Friday night or I guess Saturday 1, 2 ish in the morning, we all pretty much peter out and head back to our tents to sleep. One person was way too drunk. Actually, everyone was way too drunk. Not me though. I was good and only drank Coors light so I only got only a slight buzz. This one person didn't want to be left alone so this couple was hanging out with her but you know, they got tired and wanted to go to bed. So... the person asked for me to stay with her.

They called me to watch over her at her tent. I was good. This person's name is Jenny D. She was pretty drunk. Saying fun silly things. I had to get a bucket and stay up with her and make sure she was ok. She was laying on her inflated matters and I sat next to her holding the bucket and told her "no worries, I'm here to take care of her". She later said to lay down with her. Well, it was around 2-3ish in the morning so I did lay there next to her with a bucket ready to go just in case. We were in the spoon position. Not much body contact but we were laying there together.

I also thought about how my life is so fucked up. I've been so alone for so long that I pretty much forgot how it was to lay with a woman. I couldn't even hope or even fantasize about laying with a woman anymore. I guess I was so screwed from my ex that I'm nothing worth wanting from anyone anymore. That's what I was thinking. Maybe feeling a little sorry for myself thinking this stuff won't happen to me ever again. I mean not with a sober person with full control of mind and body anyway.

So anyway, you know how drunks are. They mentally go from angry for feeling like crap from drinking too much, then weeping saying they want their Mommy (yes, this person said this). Kinda cute in a way. I just told her I was there and I wouldn't let anything happen to her. Then it happened. She kissed me. Ok, I'm not a perv but when you tell me to lay with you and you start kissing me, well..... I'm a man and started getting turned on. I started going for 2nd base. Couldn't help it but that's all we did. Waited for her to pass out and that's all that happened. I was good.

The next morning though, I wanted to see if she like me or it was the alcohol. I started kissing her on her neck and shoulders. She was very responsive. I went for 2nd base again and slowly and softly played with her nipples. She again responded with low moans. I then licked my fingers a little and touched her nipples again. With my finger moist, I was able to circle her nipples with way less friction. She was responding with even louder moans. I was a tad bit worried because we were in tents so peeps may be able to hear if they were awake.
It was nice. I was turned on of course. We were spooning with me behind her but I was not too close because I was turned on and didn't want to be poking at So what did she do? She stared moving her butt back and started grinding my hard on.

Oh man, game on. We're both sober so we can't use the "I was drunk and this doesn't count" excuse. I was still touching and playing with her boobs and went for 3rd base. I teased her at first and just played with the top rim of her panties along with me touching her from the outside of her pants. Sorta like a dry hand rubbing I guess. lol. Don't know what the hell that is called nowadays. Anyway, when I finally tried to touch her under her panties, she said she had to pee. She's smart. I got the message. She didn't want me to go down there I thought.
To be honest, I wanted to go pee too. I got up and out of the tent, went to pee. 10 min later, I saw her going to the restroom as I was going out. lol

I did go back to her tent later and asked her thru the tent window if she wanted my company still. She said she wanted pancakes. Again, I caught that hint. That was the end of that.

A few days later, we finally discussed what happened. Well, we texted what happened. She say she doesn't remember most of it. She remembers some (like me playing with her boobs) but she doesn't remember kissing me, grinding her ass on my hard on (even though it was the morning after). That was the end of that. We are still friends. We are just better friends. She is nice and I am attracted to her. She's in her 40s so she isn't a ditzy 20ish year old woman. I have to admit I sort of like her. I'm just so jaded, I don't even think this sort of shit will happen to me anymore.

We still chat and talk. She is in IT also and has a good job. She shops like me. We don't know the meaning of "need to have" and "want to have". lol We know this and we joke about it. I did tell her that if we both ever walked into a dept store together, that would be a store manager's wet dream. I can only imagine the factions we'd have with both our incomes together. Man of man :) That would be freaking awesome.

Then reality happens, the ex sends stupid texts. Uses the same old tactics like using the kids to try to get me going, yada yada yada. Haven't seen them since March btw. I even texted the ex that I believe she just want's to fuck with me just so that I don't find someone nice to live the rest of my life with.

Ok, got way more to chat about regarding this camp but that'll have to be for next time. It happened that Saturday during camp. This one is not fun and was just drama. I'll post this on my next log. Kinda late for now so I'll do this next time. :)