What's on my mind
2001-10-10 18:03:37 (UTC)

It would be nice.

A guy at my work got laid off and tomorrow is his last
day. It is really ashame, this person was a great person
and was a good friend. He worked hard and would always
stay late if something really needed to get done. We all
treated him to lunch at this hole in the wall place that
has the best chili dogs and chili mac. So far this year my
group has cut its team from 11 to 6.

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was like in star trek
were the people didn't work for money, only because they
like to better themselves and help others. Explore new
things and not for money just enjoyment. I know this will
probably never happen but it would be nice. People would
be able to relax and do whatever they want that satifies
them. Within reason of course, noone should be able to go
out and kill people just because it satifies them. I
myself would work for personal enjoyment if I don't have to
worry about paying for a place to live, those ourages
doctor bills, and utilities. I plan to work when I retire
just for the fact that staying at home all the time would
drive me nuts. For those who like to sit on a couch all
day, enjoy. I don't care what you do. I don't get
jealouse of people who have tons of money from there family
and have everything taken care of for them and they do
nothing for it. If being lazy and lucky makes them happy
so be it. As for the poor people who are living off the
government because they are lazy then that is another
story. I'm not talking about the ones that have to live
off of the government I am talking about the ones that take
advantage of the government and taxpayer. I can dream,
can't I? I geuss I got a little of the dream track and
started preaching again. Sorry bad habit. Back to the
dream. I want't to do what ever not worry if it pay's
enough and if there are any openings to do it. If there
isn't any need for me to do what I want with an existing
company or group than I would just start my own group.
What the hell it wouldn't cost anything. I know you are
probably thinking about the jobs that noone would want to
do if they didn't have to. Well most of those will be
automated. Why not it the future after all. You never
know maybe there are some people out there that may
actually enjoy doing some of those kinds of jobs.

Well just some food for thought. Keep dreaming I know I