2014-10-01 02:58:30 (UTC)


so youre pprobably wondering why i called the three of you here...

lets start with vijay, we have some unresolved issues..

ishara, we also have some unresolved issues...

and well, ranjith. i dont have issues with you, but, i wanted to save your wife and son the trouble of going home and relating the following hour or two to you... i felt they might have been to ashamed or tired or some lame excuse to relate the entire charade to you... so you can just sit there, enjoy a burger or something and listen..

by the way, ranjith, there is something i could never understand, how is it that after so many years under the petty coat government you are still breathing and alive?
i pity you, but just a little... for not having enough balls to stand up to ishara.

but anyway, this isnt about you.

so.. as you all know, ive lived a charade with a flawless public facade which masked my private despair... and all that because of one man, vijay. lol.

now, i guess its time for me to throw a little game of charades...

you took advantage or me, because i was small, i was 8. a tender and loving child... never did anyone think id grow up to be the strong woman i am today..

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