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2014-10-01 02:40:07 (UTC)


okay, so thats pretty much it.

now, the rules of this, from the time i walk away(and this applies to all three of you):

1. you are not allowed to contact me, not now, not ever.
2. you will not try to attend my graduation, both matric and when i get my degree.
3. you will not try to attend my wedding either...
4. you will not try to contact my spouse when i get one and the same applies to my kids when i do have kids
5. you will never approach me for any reason, even if you see me in a mall or anywhere, you should nonchalantly walk away like a stranger bcs thats what you will be to me the moment i walk away..
6. you will never send a message to get into contact with me, not even if youre on your death bed or in a coffin, i dont give a fuck about you, do not request to see me.
7. do not text me, this especially applies to you vijay...
8. do not gossip about me, because i will find out and take offence and deal with you. and yes, that was a threat.
9. do not tell fibes that you miss me to people that we both are acquainted with. again, i will find out and deal with you.

if any of you fail to comply with any of the above, i promise to humbly notify the police of it and let them do their job. and incase you guys have forgotten, i have interdicts against all three of you. so i beg of you, dont push my buttons because i doubt you will like my reactions...

any questions?
great. im done with you guys and i shall take my leave now.
do have a peaceful sleep tonight after you contemplate about what i have said. and i hope you have a wonderful high society life where you shit rainbows and piss rosewater. if thats what floats your boat and is your perspective of yourself, i shant burst your bubble.

by the way, thanks for the lunch Vijay.
hope you enjoyed it just as much as i did.

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