Confessions of a married woman
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2014-09-30 14:58:11 (UTC)

Slaker Radio

Hello y'all. So since my last entry not much has happened. Although I did get another flower delivery, of course a beautiful flower arrangment and this time a caramel apple was attached, a snickers one. At that time, I didn't think much about the apple, but we have an apple story that is very meaningful to us and I will share it. When my x got out of the military for the first time, he had a hard time landing a job, he finally got on at a school and was getting paid min wage. We were struggling, but we thought it would be only temporarly. We went to the supermarket to buy groceries, so that I could pack his lunch....and in the produce dept...there was this huge caramel apple, beautiful and looked delicious, however the price tag on it was 8 bucks. My husband, back then, was like, "get it." I said "no way, it is 8 bucks we can't afford it." Of course I didn't get it, it was a sin! So we lived our life. After 9-11 he got recalled, thankfully only to Missouri. I travelled to him for the Marine Ball and when he picked me up from the airport he took me to the mall. He took me straight to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and he told me, "remember that apple I couldn't buy for you? Well I'm buying it now" omg I started crying and it is a story that will live with me forever. So that was the meaning behind the apple he sent to me the last time he sent me a delivery. Oh boy what does he want from me? He hasn't even filed.. I'm waiting on that too. Is he gonna do it? I wish I could see the future. FML!

Anyway, I buy a slacker premium membership each Christmas for him, and we both use it on all our devices: my cell, his cell, my itouch, my tablet, etc... It had never synced stationes before, and for some reason this morning when I played it it had a bunch of stationed on my "recently played" list, that I never listened to... it was him! He knew tht they started syncing and wanted me to see... wtf dude! Here is a list of songs that he played:

Perdoname: Luis Miguel
Preciento Que Voy a Llorar: Los Bukis
Ever Fallen in Love: Fine Young Cannibals
I Miss You: Klymaxx
When I Was Your Man: Bruno Mars
Favorite Mashup Station
Mi Segunda Vida: La Arolladora
Images of Heaven: Peter Godwin
Y Como es El?: Jose Luis Perales

Really? I'm shaking my damn head at his nerve! I was driving in this morning, ballin'! Who does that!? What does he want from me? I don't even know what I want. I just want peace. I just want to live my life without complications. I just wanna be happy all the time. It is only on days like this and when he sends me shit, when I feel the lowest.

On another note. J made my day last time. He called me and started telling me how much he appreicated me and how he knew we were becoming really close friends. That everything I did for him was big. He couldn't believe that I would trust him in my house and leaving him alone in my house. He said he didn't know what he did in this life, to have me in h is life somehow. That all BS aside, yes we fuck around, but he really appreicated everything I did for him, for giving him my time, blah blah... I told him I just went with my instinct--mine is really good. He said he needed to do more of that. I haven't seen him for a week and I'm so glad I don't really miss him, for a minute I thoguht I was getting attached. I thanked him for being in my life too. It was perfect timing, I told him he came in at a really good time in my life, I don't know what would have happened to me, if I hadn't had that cushion, per-se. God works in mysterious ways and I'm sure he put them there for some type of support. I mean... it doesn't even make sence, but whatever. Like they say, in order to get over someone you need to get under someone, which was the case here.

We will see what happens this week.... it is flower delivery week, if any.