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2014-09-28 10:27:41 (UTC)

After court case

The court case on Friday went well and the agreement was made a Oder by the judge. We now have to go back to court the following Friday to resolve financial matters. Talking about financial matters I am at the bottom of the barrel. I don’t have money to pay my solicitors to submit the papers required for the court case on Friday (it is 2 months overdue). I don’t have money to pay my mortgage and the banks are threatening legal action. I need money to pay my outstanding bills due before I get my next salary payment and I need to make payments to the people I owe. I will need money for my business ventures and also when I move into my own flat. I have no clue where all these money I need will come from. The whole palaver just weighs me down. I am so lost. The good thing is that it is giving me a chance to think very well about what can go wrong when I start living by myself. I have to be frugal with money, be very disciplined, I will need all these.