A lady in the crowd
2014-09-28 05:10:51 (UTC)


The sound of breeze introduced the arrival of Autumn. I am uncertain whether I should be happy about this seasonal change.
Of course their are dozens of bonus features with such an enchanting season.

Yesterday was a day of tranquility and meditation. I turned off all electronic devices and enjoyed a internet-free day. My apologies for making friends feel worried. Please remember that it's normal for their to be certain days where I'm no where to be found.

The day was spent with my family. We visited the Cinema and watched "Maze Runner". After the movie was over I went the home and decided to meditate outdoors. It seemed like the right moment to continue my endless quest to finding inner peace.

It was pouring rain, at the same time the sun shun brightly. The skies become divided into three portions. One was drenched in black darkened clouds. The second portion had a picture perfect blue sky. While the third portion presented a few fluffy white clouds. In the middle of all of this there was full lengthened rainbow. Nature is gorgeous!

~Yours truly,